As a producer of beautiful accessories and garments made from natural wool fibre, we care about our natural resource and animal welfare is at the centre of that. The sheep. Our raw lambswool comes from South African farms where high standards of animal welfare exist – the practice of mulesing is not used. The raw wool travels by container ship to the UK once a year and then, on by road, from Felixstowe to the mill in Scotland. 

The mill proceeds to spin this completely natural fibre using processes refined over a 120 year history. It is located on the banks of one of Scotland’s most beautiful lochs - vital for the vast supply of pure, soft Scottish water used to wash the fibre and give its characteristic soft handle. The dyes & chemicals used at the mill are almost entirely GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Any chemicals used are very mild which minimizes damage to fibres and reduces waste produced. Thanks to this, water used is able to be successfully cleaned and returned the loch, a world renowned nature reserve. The highest levels of compliance are followed, monitored by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency). 

From there, the yarn is sent to nearby knitting mills for production. Our knitting mills take environmental and ethical initiatives very seriously and are linked to SEDEX & UKFT. 

The collection is made using state of the art machinery which creates fully fashioned garments thereby minimising wastage of the precious natural yarn. 

Environmental and sustainability issues are at the core of our philosophy – our products are designed to give a lifetime’s wear to the owner. This is slow fashion at its best. High quality garments that last longer and designed with the value of fair treatment to the animals, people and the planet who helped produce them in mind.