Are you at the right place ?

Are you at the right place ?

Spinning a yarn - a beautiful process of great engineering

We buy all our yarn from Todd and Duncan in Scotland, established in 1867 on the beautiful banks of Loch Leven. They are a world leader in quality yarn and directional colour. Creating quality yarn takes care and craftsmanship at every stage. Knitting performance, feel, pilling and lifespan are all taken into consideration in the yarn spinning process.

Here is a video of the carding machine, the purpose and objectives of carding is to: disentangle clumps of raw wool fibre, align the fibres parallel to each other, remove any vegetable matter, seeds, grass, burrs, and to produce a formation of a homogeneous web ready for spinning. It’s a slow process but yields an exceptionally rounded and voluminous yarn.

These slow careful processes are what produce our luxurious soft knitwear.

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