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Our knitwear is made from this completely natural fibre - wool. The sheep has evolved to produce one of the most effective, breathable all-weather natural protections we have. It is natural, warm, renewable, biodegradable, breathable & durable.   

Polyester, acrylic and other man made fabrics are essentially PLASTIC.  These substances do not break down and eventually filter through our washing machines into the water and the air we breathe. 

Environmental and sustainability issues are at the core of our philosophy – our products are designed to give a lifetime’s wear to the owner.  This is slow fashion at its best. High quality garments that last longer and designed with the value of fair treatment to the animals, people and the planet who helped produce them in mind. 

Rethink, reuse and repair. 

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Read our sustainability statement here.

For some inspirational darning have a look at Celia Pym

Our collection is made using state of the art machinery which creates fully fashioned garments thereby minimising wastage of the precious natural yarn.

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